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05 March 2006

spring training is hott -- kind of

So I’m back from a quick trip to Tucson, AZ, for the first of two spring training weekends. On Friday morning, BoyDeKiki and I got up at 6:30 a.m. and were on the road by 8:30, pulling into Tucson Electric Park just before 1 p.m. for a White Sox/Diamondbacks match-up. It was a blow-out; Mark Buehrle started and gave up three runs in two innings, not that any of the other pitchers were much better. The final score: 13-6 Diamondbacks.

At least I can report that the weather was sunny and in the mid-70s; our hotel was really nice; and our favorite Ethiopian restaurant was fabulous. This is especially cool because Saturday’s game was even worse than Friday’s: the Sox lost to the Diamondbacks again, 13-2. But hey, it was baseball (i.e., there’s nothing finer), and it’s only spring training. Remember, the Sox weren’t so hot in 2005 spring training, and look how that turned out.

And now, some quick observations from this trip.

* The Sox look like they’re gonna have to dance with who brung ‘em – none of the minor league or NRI guys looked very promising, and the defense was just plain Horrible McScrewUp. Brian Anderson, the young projected CF, is no Aaron Rowand. He has, thankfully, gotten rid of the mullet, though.

* Speedy LF Scott Podsednik is skinnier in person...way skinnier than his reported 6’, 190 lbs. He also looks as though he is big fan of Crest Whitestrips.

* Juan Uribe is bigger in person (reported 5’11”, 215 lbs; I’m thinking he’s guesstimating up on the height) and even more athletic than you’d expect, which is hard to believe, especially given his post-season defensive heroics.

* Early spring training games are wicked low-quality. I’ve been to White Sox spring games for four years in a row now, but until this year, it was always at least two weeks in. Seeing some of the first few games just reveals the player rust. On the other hand, with their excruciating regular season schedule, I do think they deserve the winter off, and it’s no surprise that they’re not in tip-top shape yet. We’ll see if I revise this opinion when I attend their games on the 17th and 18th

So now I’m off into two weeks of suspended animation (I wish) until my next baseball weekend. Oh, and a few last observations –


* So is Footballer$ Wives. Seriously. Watch it or I'll haunt your dreams, and that is a promise.


  • At 12:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    OK, Kiki, OutdoorGuy (sitting indoors in his effing office) is waiting with baited breath to hear about Spring Training, Round 2, and yes, still seeing if any other baseball teams exist (apparently the D-Backs do, at least to provide the Sox playmate for pepper or soft-toss). Sounds like Scott P. got off the 'roids--must have lost his BALCO supply chain. Or maybe Uribe is just eating everything off Scott's plate at the training table. Glad to see your posting on the book effort--even through it's not baseball related--that's a pretty cool collaboration. A WBC posting would be pretty interesting, too, if you followed it (I didn't really), but I'm not sure how much there is to saw except Viva Mexico, Fidel!, and Domo Arigato.
    By the way, seen any good thrashers lately?


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