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i love baseball in general, the White Sox in particular, and if i could just hibernate through the off-season, i would.

25 February 2006

absentee broad

Yes, I know, I know...I've been really bad with posting. So shoot me; it's been an exciting month. I'm working on a collaboration with a really cool guy who was my history professor back in the Nirvana-soaked days of the early 90s. It's a historical novel set in the late Roman Republic. Sad to say, they didn't have baseball back then.

But anyway -- I'm behind on my baseball posting. I still want to review the pitching performances of the V.2005 White Sox, and that'll come soon. In the meantime, spring training games commence very shortly, and my usual birthday present, from the very sweet BoyDeKiki, is tickets to four of those games in nearby Tucson. I'll be there this coming weekend, and again two weeks later. And it's really warm here too. Don't you wish you were me? Ha!


  • At 8:48 AM, Blogger andi said…

    "Nirvana-soaked days of the early 90s"

    wha - when? for some reason there's just this long blank spot in my memory. apparently the only people who remember what i did during those years are the ones who REFUSE to let me bathe in my own oblivion. bitches. (not you.)


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