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30 January 2006

such the tease

I've been having fun (yes, really) crunching numbers this weekend. I absolutely adore the gang at Baseball Prospectus, and while I'm no statistician myself, I do think the numbers matter, and I play around with them in my own admittedly half-assed way. The BPers seek ways to quantify baseball; more importantly, they also strive to constantly and consistently update and improve their methods. So I looked back at my BP 2005
and read:

"[The White Sox's] opportunity has passed; the constant exodus of talent will relegate this team to second-tier status."

I am sure that BP wants to know why this wasn't the case, why the White Sox won their division, not to mention the World Series; and they want to know this even more than I do. Because it's their job.

So I got out a notebook and calculator (what a sad admission from a decently techie girl in the 21st century), and actually, it was easy to figure out what happened to make the White Sox so successful, if not exactly why.

The White Sox starting position players were fairly, if not quite eerily, close to what BP predicted.

The White Sox starting pitchers kicked some Godzilla-sized ass.

I know, I know -- this won't be news to most fans. But in the coming few days (here's the tease, such as it is -- I know, I know; I'm really perverted), I'm going to break down the numbers here. Because it's pretty interesting, and even if it doesn't leave you-the-reader with any high regard for my (alleged) analytical talent, it might send you over to check out BP. And they deserve it.


And here's a shout-out to one of my readers, OutdoorGuy (you know who you are), who mentioned that it might help this blog if I acknowledged the existence of other baseball teams. He's right. And I'll get there eventually, around the start of spring training. Until then, it's all White Sox all the time.


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