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i love baseball in general, the White Sox in particular, and if i could just hibernate through the off-season, i would.

22 January 2006

dog days

Forget the dog days of summer...for any real baseball fan, there aren't any. The real dog days come in winter, say January, when the glow of the World Series has faded (even for a White Sox fan like me), and the annual trip to spring training is still over two months away. And it's cold. Well, cold is relative here in the desert, but I have my own definition: if I can't go swimming in my unheated backyard pool, it's too fucking cold.

So I'm counting the dog days until early March, when my boyfriend and I will show up in Tucson, attend four preseason ChiSox games, say "hola" to Ozzie, eat some damn fine food, and get ready for a whirlwind year as defending champs. Or fans of defending champs, anyway, which is all the same to me.

Are you ready for the first pitch?


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